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A Note from the Chairman
Welcome to Sands National Academy (SNA), where its mission and program have earned a reputation for excellence in Jordan and beyond. The school was founded to offer a valuable learning experience to meet the needs of the diverse local community.? We want our graduates to be confident, adaptable, and independent learners; able to excel in an increasingly competitive world.
We believe that to live harmoniously in the modern world, we need to develop a global perspective that promotes international cooperation and understanding.
In SNA we have three programs: the national stream follows the Jordanian Ministry of Education curriculum culminating in Tawjeehi; the international stream follows the American curriculum leading to American High School diploma; as well as the British National curriculum, which leads to IGCSE and GCE.
We look at what a child could do, rather than what he/she cannot do; we focus on including every student in the process of learning. Specialists in languages have joined the Academy to facilitate progress in English and Arabic to allow non-native speakers to access all subjects within the curriculum. Every student is expected to realise their potential.
We treat our school community as a family. And as a family, we?support and encourage our students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their educational, personal and spiritual development.
Engineer Nehad Kana’an