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Our Philosophy

The Aims of the Academy

  • Fostering a spiritual and national sense among students through their participation in religious and national activities.
  • Developing a spirit of doing scientific research in a free and responsible manner.
  • Adopting the process of comprehensive education to bring about change based on the academic vision of carefully-chosen elite of educators.
  • Developing a spirit of cooperation based on respect for the self and others In a democracy based on the exclusion of the ego and individuality and ondeveloping a sense of effective leadership.
  • Creating chances for competition (internal and external) involving the largest possible number of students in various activities effectively; each according to his/her abilities, needs, and attitudes.
  • Investing in modern communicational and informational technology for the purpose of enriching the educational process.
  • Activating the role of parents in the educational process.
  • Encouraging cooperation among the staff, which influences the educational process very positively.
  • Raising awareness and productivity of the staff via training and educating programs .
The Academy follows a clear strategy that would help develop of the student?s personality and provide him with the necessary skills to become an effective and productive citizen.