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Eng. Nihad Kanaan

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The Kindergarten Stage

Realizing the importance of this stage, the Academy has established a separate building…

The Lower Primary Stage

This stage is of a particular interest to the administration of the Academy. This can…

The Upper Primary Stage

Upper Primary Graders also receive special attention from the school administration due…

The Secondary Stage

In this stage, Graders join either the scientific stream or the information technology…

The International Program : Grade One through Grade Twelve

The int'l program has its own high objectives, fixed principles and is keen on the…

Department of Counseling

The Department of counseling in the school seeks to strengthen the links between…

National & International Programs

National Program: Grade One through Grade Twelve It is a fact generally acknowledged…

البرامج الدراسية المعتمدة

البرنامج الوطني[الأول-الثاني عشر] من المعروف أن التعليم من المعروف أن التعليم بشكل عام…

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    English Lesson in sands

    It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page whe ...

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    Registration Of Students At Sands National Academy

    The student is supposed to have successfully passed his current class and must be of good conduct. T ...

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    The Philosophy Of The Academy

    The school is an institution that, through its qualified personnel and adequate potentials, makes it ...

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